The Monthly Scoop – March 2022

The Monthly Scoop – March 2022

Welcome to another Monthly Scoop post – March 2022 edition! The month of March definitely didn’t go as we expected. With an emergency surgery at the beginning of the month, along with a hospital stay, our month was a bit thrown off! There was still a lot of cooking done with a high focus on comfort and ease. Let’s dive into all the details!

March Happenings

Well, the biggest thing that happened for us this past month was John being rushed into the hospital for an emergency surgery! Here’s a quick glimpse of the timeline of events the first week of March:

Tuesday – John started to have pain in his ankle. It was also starting to swell.

Thursday – The pain was so intense he couldn’t walk on it.

Thursday 11am – John went in to his orthopedic doctor where they ended up aspirating his ankle. The fluid removed was cloudy which means infection. They sent him to get his blood work done and we waited to hear the results. 

Thursday 4:30pm – We got the call that his bloodwork came back and his white blood cell count was 52.95 (normal range is 5-10). They said the O.R. is booked for 5:30 and to get to the hospital as quickly as we could. 

Thursday 6:30pm – John had a successful surgery and removal of the infection and was in recovery!

Whew! Talk about a quick turn around, right? He ended up staying 5 days in the hospital as they wanted to keep the infection under control and try to figure out the cause and type of the infection. Unfortunately, none of the cultures grew and all the tests came back negative. Which, is a good thing, but also, it would be nice to have some answers! One of the most anxiety-ridden parts of this whole ordeal is there is no known cause as to why this happened. He was sent home with an IV pic line in his arm that I then had to administer his antibiotics through every day. Talk about a learning curve for both of us! Initially, he was non-weight bearing on his leg and in a splint. Throughout the month, he was transitioned into a walking boot and is now able to walk carefully without one! He also got his pic line removed today so that’s a big win! His range of motion and weight he’s able to carry is already loads better. 

Going forward, he will have to continue to rehab his ankle from the surgery and be careful about certain things for the next couple months. Our eyes have definitely been opened through this whole process and infections are no joke. Trusting in God and in His comfort is the only way to get through it! 

March Happenings Continued

Since our month was greatly changed and flipped upside down by all this, our days looked pretty different for awhile. After getting home from the hospital, we quickly realized we didn’t even have a recliner for John to sit in. Kinda hard to navigate an ankle surgery without one! Off to Costco we went and we are now officially two old people with matching recliners haha! I don’t even care how they look because they are so comfortable. Plus, they are electric and really reasonably priced at Costco! Charlee has also been thoroughly enjoying them. 

I got several crochet projects done and have taken on a couple different blankets. I’m excited to see how they turn out! Charlee, on the other hand, has not been enjoying the amount of yarn everywhere haha! 

Otherwise we spent a lot of time recuperating and regrouping. Getting back into the kitchen was super healthy for me and I was still able to crank out lots of recipes! Including: the Easter Menu 2022! Be on the lookout for it going live soon! 🙂 

It was so sweet to see how Amos responded to John being on the walking scooter and then his walking boot. Animals just know and Amos gave him all the love. Green grass is starting to pop up and the horses are loving it. We didn’t get out to the farm as much as we usually do, but soaked up every minute we were out there!

March Recipes

March recipes were focused around ease, comfort and flavor.  As always, I strived to create fun, delicious recipes with easily accessible ingredients that you feel comfortable making in your own kitchen. Click on your favorite recipe below and get to cookin’! If you make any of my recipes, I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email, post a comment or share on social media tagging @kjandcompany or using #kjandcompany

Monthly Favorites

  1. Crochet Scrunchie Pattern – I think I’ve finally nailed down the perfect ratio for my crochet hair scrunchies! This pattern was easy to follow and I loved how it turned out.
  2. Picc Line/Splint Covers – who would have thought that this would make the favorites list? But, if you’re ever in need of a really good cover for the shower for your cast, splint or pic line, these were a life saver for us!
  3. Coscto Recliner – our love for these recliners knows no ends. They’re leather, electric and super comfortable! Keep an eye out for when they go on sale. 
  4. The Comfortable Kitchen Cookbook – finally got my hands on this cookbook and it’s GORGEOUS. Love it!
  5. Daisy Farm Crafts – this website is a crochet wonderland! All sorts of patterns that are beautiful! The blanket that I am currently working on is from there. Plus, they also have a video tutorial with all their patterns which is a game changer for me!
  6. WET Hairbrush – I wish I would have gotten one of these sooner – it is so great! Pulls out far less hair than my regular hair brush and makes brushing my hair super easy. Game changer!
  7. Jocko Mölk – Now, I’m not someone who is big on protein powders, but this one is SO GOOD. It’s the same brand that makes the Green Supplement that we also love. But, this chocolate protein powder is so dang good I crave it every day. It’s light, not heavy and doesn’t have a weird after-taste or grit in your mouth. Plus, it’s low on calories, fat and zero sugar. Major bonus: it’s also packed with probiotics and digestive enzymes!

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  1. Deb Leibel

    So sorry to hear about your challenging month. Very scary! Take care you two and Happy Easter!!✝️

    • KJ

      Thank you, Deb! Happy Easter to you as well! 🙂


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