The Monthly Scoop – March 2021

  • By KJ

The Monthly Scoop – March 2021

Welcome to another Monthly Scoop Post – March 2021 addition! We started off the month in the best way in Michigan visiting our best friends. From there, the month was loaded full of recipes, cooking, starting new work out regimes and of course, our pups and horse snuggles. Let’s jump on in!

March Happenings

Starting the month of March off in Michigan visiting our best friends was the best way to do it! The trip was planned to surprise Haley (man, it’s hard to lie to your best friend haha!) and it was so worth it! From showing us their new hometown, eating lots of delicious food, sipping coffee and spending quality time together, it was a trip for the books! Can’t wait to go back out there in July! Read more about our Grand Rapids trip here!

Coming back from vacation and getting back into your routine is tough, isn’t it? Speaking of routine, I now have a new morning routine since I started working out at Victress! If you’re in Lincoln, NE, you definitely need to check this place out. They are all about empowering women through all walks of life – I’ve never felt so comfortable going to a gym! Class sizes are about 12 people, so it isn’t overwhelming. I’ve been sore but also have felt SO good getting back into a workout routine – haven’t really done one since before my endo surgery last year. Can definitely feel that I need to rebuild my core from that!

Queso and Amos have been as cute as ever. They are both losing their winter coats and Amos’ roan is really showing through! I’ll have to snap a picture of it because he is looking GOOD. We’re on a mission to put some weight on Queso this month as he just burns through it. The vet said he’s like one of those people who can eat whatever they want and never gain any weight…jealous haha! But, with the green grass growing in and upping his grain dosage, we should be able to help him out a bit. He’s just so darn cute!

March Recipes

March’s recipes are fun, bright and comforting all at once. I’ve even got you covered with an Easter Menu Ideas post! As always, I strived to create fun, delicious recipes with easily accessible ingredients that you feel comfortable making in your own kitchen. Click on your favorite recipe below and get to cookin’! If you make any of my recipes, I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email, post a comment or share on social media tagging @kjandcompany or using #kjandcompany!

Monthly Favorites

  1. Thrive Cosmetics – since I started my clean beauty hunt (find more of my favs in last month’s Monthly Scoop post), I’ve wanted to find clean eyeshadow in my favorite shade: pearl. Who knew this would be so hard! I love the Brilliant Eye Brightener in Pearl.
  2. Discovery+ – have you downloaded it yet? Because you need to! We ended up canceling our Direct TV app subscription and have loved all the shows offered on Discovery+! I can binge watch all my cooking shows during the day, and we can catch up on the latest of Magnolia Network at night. 
  3. Magnolia Table Cookbook – since we’ve been watching all the shows on Magnolia Network, it reminded me how good the cookbook is! I made Jo’s Biscuits and they are 100%.
  4. New workout gear – since I started at working out 4 days a week at Victress, I had to snag some new workout clothes! Here’s what I’ve been loving:
    1. Target sports bra – I LOVE this sports bra and now have it in multiple colors and sizes! Large for a more relaxed fit and Medium for higher intensity. 
    2. Target leggings – not only are they buttery soft, but they fit so good! They are fitted without being too constricting. Plus, they have pockets! I have the black, olive and antique gold… don’t tell John haha!
    3. Target tye-dye tanks – these are so fun and buttery soft! I sized up because I like to have a looser fit and don’t have worry if they shrink a bit in the wash.
    4. Old Navy leggings – these camo leggings are the perfect combo of fashion and function. They add a fun pop of something different without being too overwhelming! Plus, they fit like a dream and are squat proof!
    5. Old Navy crop t-shirts – I was pleasantly surprised by these tees! I love them! Once again, I sized up for a looser fit and now have them in a couple colors/patterns.
    6. Old Navy tie-front tees – the perfect workout tee if you ask me! The tie front is awesome because you can choose how tight or loose you want it to fit! I have both a medium and large and love them both.
  5. Hats – if you’re looking for cute hats, but don’t want to pay a hefty price for them, then you need to check out LaLa and Chapel Hats! 
  6. Wild Rags – not going to lie, I love the wild rag style! Ashley’s Wild Rags and GHC Wild Rags have been my favorites.


Next Month

The whole month of April is ahead of us! I’m excited for warmer temperatures (not the allergies though haha!), trail rides, yummy recipes and maybe getting some plants and garden going!

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