The Monthly Scoop – July 2021

  • By KJ

The Monthly Scoop – July 2021

Welcome to another Monthly Scoop post – July 2021 edition! July was a jam-packed month as anticipated. From traveling, to cooking, to getting our house ready to sell. It was also nice and toasty hot, as July should be! Let’s dive in!

July Happenings

To start off the month, we journeyed to Traverse City, MI to meet up with our best friends! I got to shoot another wedding with Haley and omg it was the most picturesque lakefront wedding – I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out! We then spent the Fourth of July in Traverse City and witnessed a beautiful fireworks show. Plus, while we were there, the Cherry Festival was in full swing! With my birthday being the next day, we stayed in town and spent the day on Lake Michigan paddle boarding and enjoying the beach. The crowds ended up clearing and the beach front was spotless! A huge blessing, because the day before ground wasn’t even visible from the amount of people haha!

After spending a few days in Traverse City, we drove back down to Grand Rapids, MI and spent a day there (check out my Grand Rapids, MI Travel Guide Here!) before moving along with our adventure. Originally, John and I were going to take a ferry across Lake Michigan to meet my parents in Wisconsin where we go salmon fishing, but the tickets were completely sold out. So, the driving continued! Down and around Lake Michigan and back up to port.

Even though we had some rough waters the first day, salmon fishing was a success! I got to reel in my first Coho Salmon and got to witness John reeling in his first King Salmon. Along with my parents reeling in even more. King salmon, coho salmon, rainbow trout and lake trout were all brought back home! We even got to spend an evening going to a Brewers baseball game! Of course, you can never go wrong with classic baseball food. 

Finally, the rest of the month was spent with our heads down working. With getting the house ready to go on the market (it went live today!!) and a decent backlog of work done so that I’m not needing to cook when there are house showings, we were a little brain-fried this past weekend when we kicked our feet up haha! Nothing like a good Netflix show to binge watch (and the olympics!) and puppy snuggles to fill your cup back up.

July Recipes

July’s recipes were loaded full of Summer flavor! There were also a handful of old recipes that got a facelift – new photos and everything! Can you recognize any of them? As always, I strived to create fun, delicious recipes with easily accessible ingredients that you feel comfortable making in your own kitchen. Click on your favorite recipe below and get to cookin’! If you make any of my recipes, I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email, post a comment or share on social media tagging @kjandcompany or using #kjandcompany!

Monthly Favorites

  1. Old Navy Swimsuit – I was pleasantly surprised by this swimsuit from Old Navy! A high-waisted two-piece with good coverage on top and bottom. 
  2. Reduce Water Tumbler – I snagged this tumbler from Target and love it! I love that it has a straw, but also a lid with multiple drinking options. 
  3. Nespresso Tropical Coconut Flavor Pods – I just couldn’t resist trying these! Would highly recommend – a great way to up your iced coffee game at home!
  4. Duluth Trading Co Raincoat – there’s a Duluth Trading Co in Port Washington where we fish, so you know it is visited often! This raincoat is hands down the best raincoat I’ve ever had. Great quality and fit.
  5. Olympics – we’ve been loving watching the olympics! What has been your favorite events to watch? Make sure to give the equestrians some love!😉
  6. Shark Vertex Vacuum – alright, so the time had come for us to get a new vacuum (our last one was held together by duct tape😂) and this Shark is hands-down the best vacuum we’ve ever had! Especially with pets. A good vacuum is a must! Definitely worth the price tag in our opinion. 

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