The Monthly Scoop – February 2022

  • By KJ

The Monthly Scoop – February 2022

Welcome to another Monthly Scoop post – February 2022 edition! Even though February was a shorter month, it was loaded full of goodies! Comforting, everyday recipes were featured along with a lot of crocheting, horse and dog content. What’s not to love? Let’s dive in!

February Happenings

February saw a lot of crocheting projects. Trust me, Charlee can attest haha! How cute is she all wrapped up in one of my scarf projects? Too cute to resist! I finished 3 scarves, bought more yarn (whoops haha!) and started a blanket project. I figured, I have all these little different balls of leftover yarn, why not make a big mis-matched blanket out of all of it? It’s been really fun to see how it’s coming together already! I’m thinking that my next new projects to learn are going to be hair scrunchies and maybe a hat…or should I deep dive and do a sweater?! My mom just finished her knitted sweater and I can’t wait to show you all! 

John and I tried to spend as much time out at the farm as we could this past month. We sure do miss our boys when we are in town! Even just going on walks either together, or all 6 of us together: John, me, Queso, Amos, Darbi and Charlee! We even got Ques and Amos to play in the pond a bit. They are getting much better walking through water! 

Nebraska temperatures were all over the place this past month. From negative 20 windchills one week to 70’s the next. As someone who loves winter, I’m missing the snow! But, it has been nice to get outside in the sunshine as much as I can. It also confuses my cooking process – are we over soup recipes?? Or still wanting some before we jump head-first into Spring? 

We finished binge-watching Gilmore Girls again, polished off the new Sweet Magnolias season and have now moved onto a Friends marathon. What other tv shows or movies should we add to the list? You know I need something to crochet to haha! 😂 

February Recipes

February’s recipes were loaded full of a lot of great weeknight meal options along with some great baking projects.  As always, I strived to create fun, delicious recipes with easily accessible ingredients that you feel comfortable making in your own kitchen. Click on your favorite recipe below and get to cookin’! If you make any of my recipes, I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email, post a comment or share on social media tagging @kjandcompany or using #kjandcompany

Monthly Favorites

  1. Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci – this is such a fun book to read! You can definitely hear Stanley Tucci’s humor in the pages. It’s also fun to hear of his love for food and how it came to be!
  2. Aerie Joggers – these are the jogger version of my favorite leggings, so I knew I was going to love them! Size up for a looser, jogger fit.
  3. Target Lined Joggers – I grabbed these on a trip to Target without even realizing they were lined. But it ended up being perfect! Great for the colder days, and comfy!
  4. Jocko Greens – John ordered this stuff and we both LOVE it! A great way to get in all sorts of greens (20 superfoods), plus it tastes amazing! Another plus: all organic! Definitely worth it.
  5. Costco Sweater – Only $12 for this sweater: count me in! I ended up grabbing the mauve/pink color and the light gray. Size up a couple sizes to be able to wear with leggings. They have that great “worn sweater” feel.
  6. Costco Gertmenian Soft Step Area Rug – since we moved into this rental house last Fall, I’ve been on the lookout for an area rug for our hardwood floor bedroom. Not wanting to break the bank, this rug fit the bill perfectly! Plus, it’s shed-resistant.

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