The Monthly Scoop – February 2020

  • By KJ

The Monthly Scoop – February 2020

Welcome to another Monthly Scoop post, February 2020 edition! I’m a couple days late getting this post out, but I wanted to be able to fill you guys in on the details and updates of my recent procedure and what’s next. Granted, I was also taking some much needed rest, but here we are! February flew by even with the extra day in there, so let’s dive on in!

I’m not going to lie, February was kind of weird month for me. Not a lot of recipes were posted in getting ready for my upcoming procedure. I also had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for my best friend! Throwing a party is always fun and it makes it so much better when you get to do it for someone special in your life and their little one on the way! Plus, all things baby are so darn cute! Check out the details:

Baby Shower Details:


We went with a brunch theme for the menu and it was so fun! One thing that I highly recommend is to have an interactive part of the menu for guests to be able to have fun with. A mini waffle bar did just the trick!

  • Mini waffles – this little waffle maker from Amazon was like the little waffle maker that could! Waffle batter was pre-portioned into little plastic cups so that guests could pour the batter into the waffle maker until perfectly golden brown, then work their way down the line to the toppings. Topping ideas: chocolate chips, berries, whipped cream, peanut butter, Nutella, syrup, honey… the possibilites are endless! PS: this syrup dispenser is one of my new favorite things.
  • Mini Buttermilk Coffee Cake Muffins – I used my regular muffin recipe in a mini muffin tin and it worked perfectly!
  • Mini Candied Bacon Cups – I used my Herbed Candied Bacon recipe, but cut the bacon strips into 2-inch long pieces and put them into the little plastic cups that I had leftover from the waffle batter (this was actually John’s idea and he is very proud of it 🙂 )
  • Mini Quiche Cups – no recipe for this –  I winged it! But definitely thinking that I need to get something posted for them!
  • Coffee Bar – you always need some coffee! These floral coffee cups were a fun twist!

Balloon Arch:

Having a balloon arch is such a fun focal point! We found this one on Amazon and it was so fun. Word to the wise: Command Strips are your best friend when putting one of these up, but make sure you read the directions when taking them off! (insert all the crying/laughing faced-emojis becuase we now have 3 patches removed from our wall)

Endometriosis/Surgery Update

I had my first surgery on February 28th and it went well! It was more of a discovery surgery to see where all the endo is located, how severe it is and what the next steps will be. Since my endo was more widespread and affecting several different areas, I will need a second surgery for removal – which will be in April! It is a longer surgery, with more incisions and a longer recovery, but will hopefully resolve some things and give some relief. I’ve had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Teresa Hilgers at the St. Paul VI Institute in Omaha, NE and could not highly recommend them enough! Here’s some things I’ve learned the past week since my first surgery:

  1. It is possible for to go through 3 dozen boxes of Sprite in a week…
  2. I’ve eaten my body-weight in saltine crackers. Zesta is the reigning brand so far. 
  3. The one-size-fits-all underwear the hospital sends you home in is an answer to prayer.
  4. It is socially acceptable to wear your husbands sweatpants when you are so swollen and full of gas from surgery that you can’t fit into your own.
  5. Reaching for and peeling a banana feels like a marathon when you can’t use your abs.

If you have any questions about endo, the surgeries or my experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s been so uplifting to hear stories from other ladies with similar circumstances and is truly inspiring how communities can come together on this.

February Recipes:

There weren’t as many recipes posted this February than usual, but that doesn’t mean the ones that were posted weren’t good! We’re talking about some dang good chicken dinners, simple side dishes that disappear before your eyes and some yummy desserts. Click on your favorite recipe below and get to cookin’! If you make any of my recipes, I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email, post a comment or share on social media tagging @kjandcompany or using #kjandcompany!

Monthly Favorites:

  1. This mini waffle maker is the little waffle maker that could – you just can’t help but smile every time you use it!
  2. February isn’t too late to start getting organized, right? I’ve used an Erin Condren planner a few years ago and ordered another one because they are the best! Plus, they are having a sale on all 2020 planners!
  3. John and I got a treadmill and have been obsessed with it! It’s a ProForm Carbon T10 that we purchased at Scheels. A couple of our favorite features are the iFit program (it’s loaded full of different workouts you can do!) and it’s ability to fold up and roll away. 
  4. Trader Joe’s Finds: the Lemon Cookie Scented Candle is to die for and is perfect for Spring!

Next Month:

I’m all ready for the month of March! Personally, I have a goal to do a lot of cooking, developing and posting recipes. March can seem like one of those months that never ends, so I’m excited to take it full on! It will also be nice to get back into the swing of exercising once I am able – my abs currently feel like un-usable jelly and that’s OK. All a part of the process!




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