Easter Menu 2022

Easter Menu 2022 is bringing retro recipes back to life! Featuring a classic Pineapple Glazed Ham, an old-school Green Jello Salad, homestyle Hash Brown Casserole and a classic Carrot Cake. Each bite of this Easter Menu is nostalgic and delicious. Family favorites coming right up!

Pineapple Glazed Ham

Pineapple Glazed Ham is a stunning, holiday center piece! The classic combination of ham and pineapple shines with this holiday ham. Glazed with a sweet and sticky pineapple glaze and decorated with pineapple slices and maraschino cherries, this Pineapple Glazed Ham is a retro classic brought back to life!

Hash Brown Casserole 

Hash Brown Casserole is a cheesy and beloved potato side dish! Hash brown potatoes are mixed together with retro classics such as cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, seasonings and shredded cheese. Topped with even more shredded cheese and crushed potato chips, the end result is a creamy, cheesy hash brown casserole!

Green Jello Salad

Green Jello Salad is a nostalgic classic! Lime gelatin is swirled together with cream cheese and whipped cream for a vibrant, fluffy and creamy Jello base. Fold in chopped pineapple, pears and mini marshmallows to take this jello salad to the next level. Serve Green Jello Salad as a fun side dish for any occasion!

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is classic slice of cake loaded full of cinnamon spice and everything nice!  A carrot-filled, cinnamon-spiced cake batter is baked until fluffy and moist. Layered together with decadent cream cheese frosting, this classic Carrot Cake recipe is sweet slice of heaven.

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