Decking the Halls

  • By KJ

Decking the Halls

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas season is upon us and I don’t think I could explain to you how happy it makes me. It’s such a magical time filled with family, friends, delicious food, and of course the reason for the season! It just makes your heart so full. But seriously though, I had to reign myself in and make myself wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas. Last year, John and I used decorations from my apartment before we got married. This year, we saved and got our own goodies as husband and wife for our little home! You could say I was jumping for joy, and John was very lovingly following me into the store, until about ten minutes later when our basket started to fill up – when your husband says he’s never seen your eyes so big, you may have a Christmas addiction. I decided to go with a neutral tone this year that we can continue to build off of in the future. Silvers, golds, whites and neautral browns. With that color scheme, I was able to add in some woodland characters and deer. My hunter of a husband was very much so ok with this decision. I’m looking forward to possibly adding in some more greenery next year ? 

But I love how the season brings everyone together, warms the soul, and fills your tummy with all the goodies you can’t eat the rest of the year. I can’t go through the holiday season without Faith Hill and Michael Buble belting out their Christmas tunes, and, of course, all of the cookies galore. Putting up the tree with my mom is one of my fondest memories growing up, and it’s been exciting to start our own traditions as well. Don’t worry though mom, I’ll still be there every year singing along and decorating your tree together ? It was so fun this year to go out to the Christmas tree farm with coffee in hand, and pick out our own little tree. We had some help from friends this year decorating the tree, and it was such a great night topped off with chicken noodle soup and my husband’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. Those puppies deserve their own whole story – how is he SO good at making them?! Anyways, I love how light and whimsical the tree turned out. 

I can’t wait for our own little family traditions to continue to grow and to still take in everything we grew up. Side note – I’m one of those people who get all giddy when it starts to snow. You just gotta have a white Christmas! Here’s a little peak into our holiday season so far. 



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