Chocolate Espresso Bundt Cake is a dream dessert for coffee and chocolate lovers. A rich chocolate cake batter is swirled with coffee and baked until fluffy. Pour a dreamy espresso cream cheese frosting on top and watch it cascade down the sides. Talk about decadence! Slide your fork into a piece and enjoy this indulgent cake.

This bundt cake is a KJ & Company fan favorite. For a cake recipe, it’s surprisingly hassle-free! The chocolatey batter comes together in one bowl. Plus, you don’t have to worry about different layers and multiple pans—but the pan design still makes the cake feel elevated.

To me, the ultimate Christmas dessert needs both coffee and chocolate. Growing up, my mom would make her delicious chocolate espresso cheesecake once a year. It’s a Christmas treat in our family, much like this chocolate espresso bundt cake!

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