Wine and Balsamic Braised Short Ribs

Short ribs always used to be a scary thing to me – almost like a daunting task to take on. But do not fear! Short ribs will win you over the minute you take a bite of their rich goodness. Wine and Balsamic Braised Short Ribs are surprisingly hassle-free and loaded with enough flavor to make you feel like an Iron Chef. These short ribs are rich, decadent, slightly sassy and won’t disappoint. The full, rich beef flavor is paired perfectly with the wine and balsamic to give it the lift and flavor profiles to make your tastebuds soar.

All the work that you have to do with these decadent short ribs is sear them off in the beginning, put them all back into the pot, cover them with all the goodies and then let them bake away in the oven for a few hours. How great is that? You can make a decadent meal ahead of time! That’s right, not slaving around in the kitchen with 500 different dishes that you have to clean for a good meal.

These Wine and Balsamic Braised Short Ribs are perfect for any date night, Valentine’s Day, holiday party, family get-together, feeding a crowd, or even Superbowl Sunday. It’s a magical dish that can cover all occasions for you. All you have to do when guests arrive is pull this baby out of the oven and watch them disappear. These short ribs paired perfectly with my Asiago Herb Mashed Potatoes and chunk of a crispy baguette. They are literally fall-off-the-bone perfect and will melt in your mouth.

Short ribs are the perfect way to get the most bang out of your buck. As they are generally not a more expensive cut of meat, you can create amazing things out of them for less than you would think. I have found that it is best to ask your butcher to cut the spare ribs for you into the size that you desire, as you tend to get more meat than the pre-packaged options. If you only have access to the pre-packaged options, they will work just fine!


Wine and Balsamic Braised Short Ribs


  1. Anonymous February 2, 2018

    great recipe and pictures!

    • KJ February 4, 2018

      Thank you!

  2. Susan February 16, 2018

    this looks so yummy! I am wondering if this can be made in the crock pot?

    • KJ February 16, 2018

      Thank you! Yes it definitely could be! I would still recommend browning the short ribs prior to putting them in the crock pot. Then I would just put it all in and let the crock pot do it’s thing.

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