Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chicken Enchiladas

When it comes to healthy comfort food, these Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas are the way to go! I say you should never have to give up comfort and flavor just to eat a little bit more on the healthy side. Loaded with natural protein from the chicken and black beans, these enchiladas also get a boost in nutrients from the sweet potatoes. And of course, there always needs to be cheese!

I think that the sweet potatoes blend in beautifully with all of the wonderful flavors of these enchiladas. They act as a perfect, slightly sweet filler to accompany the chicken and black beans. You know what’s so great about enchiladas? You can sneak about anything into them and they will turn out delicious! Toss in some fresh spinach leaves to get in some extra greens and you won’t even know. They are very customizable as you can sub out the chicken if you want them to be vegetarian, or add in a different bean, or even a butternut squash if you don’t have the sweet potatoes and black beans on hand. This combo of the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chicken Enchiladas is a fiesta in every bite. A healthy fiesta, too.

Enchiladas also make a great meal prep option, as you can make them in advance and reheat them as needed. I love to serve mine with some sour cream, extra cheese (of course) and fresh avocado. The creaminess of the sour cream and avocado are just a match made in heaven when paired with these Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chicken Enchiladas.

Warm up from the inside out with these enchiladas and don’t you dare feel guilty about it! You are eating healthy proteins and veggies after all :).



Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chicken Enchiladas