Cotton Candy Champagne Flutes

Happy New Year!! Well, almost ?. It’s that time of year where everyone is reflecting back on the year past, and looking forward to the one ahead. Along with setting all sorts of goals and resolutions. I’m sitting here thinking man, how am I even going to be able to stay up until midnight for New Years Eve?! It’s gotten bad guys, let me tell ya. 8:30 last night my eyes were heavy and I was fighting it – it’s a struggle! Should I drink coffee all night or no? I haven’t decided yet.

One thing we will be sipping on are these Cotton Candy Champagne Flutes! Talk about a fun, festive and easy cocktail! Hardly any work involved which is perfect if you are like me, because you’ll just be working to stay awake! This cocktail is a definite crowd pleaser and the ultimate “play with your food” kind of drink. You could just have all the ingredients assembled and let the guests have a blast creating their own!

Skip the hustle and bustle this New Years Eve and have a simple yet fun cocktail that will wow your guests (or maybe just yourself). Cotton candy comes in all sorts of flavors and colors, so use whichever kind you like! I stuck with the original pink, but blue, green, yellow or purple would be fun to experiment with! Easiest grocery list, easiest directions – what more could you ask for? Use plastic champagne flutes and then you have the easiest clean up!

Cotton Candy Champagne Flutes


  • Champagne
  • Cotton candy
  • Frozen mixed berries


  1. Place a chunk of cotton candy in a champagne flute, poor the champagne over, and top with the frozen berries!

Happy New Year!